Water Level Indicator Using IC

In this article, we have made a water level indicator using ic ULN2004. The principle of this circuit is very simple and easy to understand. The main components which are used in this circuit are CMOS input compatible, 7- channel IC (LM2004). when the water level rises in the tank and contact with probes M7 LED 1 starts to glow.  When water touch M6 LED2 glows and so on. In the end, when water level touches the point M1 Buzzer turns On which indicates that your tank is full. The same water level indicator can be built by using transistors.

Animated Circuit Diagram for Water Level Indicator

 Water Level Indicator

The above circuit diagram is an animated circuit diagram. We have attached this animated for better understanding. In the above circuit diagram, we have used a buzzer with the last output. This circuit will beep when the tank will be fully filled.


Circuit Diagram for Water Level Indicator

In the given circuit diagram we have used all LEDs to show the level of water. You can also attach a relay instead of an LED which can be used to auto turn off the water pump.
 Water Level Indicator
 We require the following components to create a circuit. These components are easy to find. You can purchase all of the parts that you need either at an electronics shop store or online.
  • A ULN2004 Integrated Circuit. This is a tiny 7 segments set of premade electronic circuits.
  • You will also need 6 LEDs, which are used for indicating when the water level is at 10%, 25%,35%,50%,65%, and 75%.
  • 1 buzzer is necessary to signal when the water level 100% full.
  • 7 wires as a sensor are needed for measuring the water level. The length of the sensor wires does not matter. You can solder sensing wires to increase the length of wire if one is too short.
  • A 6 to 12-volt battery or power supply is required to provide energy to the water level indicator.

IC Pin Detail

Advantages of Water Level Indicator

  • The water level indicators are very easy to built and also very low cost.
  • we can identify the water level easily by hearing the beep sound
  • By using this simple circuit we can control the water level safely and easily
The information in the article is about the water level alarm circuit using the 2004 IC. We hope by reading this article everyone has gained some basic knowledge about the water level indicator and if you have any questions about this article or about the electronics and engineering projects, please do not hesitate to comment on given below comments section. 

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