What is Sensor And Type of Sensors

In this article we are going to introduce a sensor and type of sensors. This world is full of sensors. We use sensors in our day-to-day life for automation. Automation includes turning on lights and fans using mobile phones, covering TV using mobile apps, accommodate the room temperature, smoke detectors, etc. All these work are done  by the help of sensors. In these days, any embedded system based product has inbuilt sensors in it.

Sensor and type of sensor

Sensors are using in important applications like Mobile controlled, CCTV camera, prediction apps and weather monitoring  etc. Sensors are playing very important role in Healthcare monitoring. So, before making an application-using sensor, we must know what does fact exactly a sensor do and how many types of sensors.

Definition of Sensor

A sensor is a device that is designed to detect something and then to respond by taking a specific action. After alert the changes, sensor sends the detected input to a microprocessor or microcontroller. At last, a sensor make a readable output signal, which can be electrical, optical, or any form of signal that equal to change in input signal. This measurement system, sensors play important role. Really, sensors are the first component into block diagram of measurement system, which comes in direct contact with the variables to produce a valid output. Now you know about sensor actually Means. Let us know some kind of its types and their applications as follows.

Classification of Sensors

  • Active and Passive Sensors
  • Analog and Digital Sensors

Active and passive sensors

In the first group of the sensors, they are divided into Passive and Active sensors. Active Sensor is a type of sensor which require an external excitation signal or a power signal.

Passive Sensors, are not divided into passive and active. Passive sensor are not those which require an external extenuation signal or a power signal and directly generates output response.

Analog and digital sensors

The final group of the sensors are Analog and Digital Sensors. Analog Sensors produce an analog output i.e. a regular output signal with respect to the amount being measured.

Digital Sensors, in contrast to Analog Sensors and work with discrete or digital data. The data in digital sensors, which is used for changer and transmission, is digital in type.

Sensor and Type of Sensors

There are different types of sensors used to measure the physical properties like Speed, Heat transfer, temperature, heartbeat & pules etc. There are sixteen types of sensors.

  • Light Sensor
  • Color Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Accelerometers & Gyroscope Sensor
  • Temperature & Thermocouple Sensors
  • Load cell
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Metal detector, Water Flow & Heartbeat Sensor
  • Humidity, Soil Moisture & Rain Sensor
  • Flow and Level Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Touch Sensor
  • PIR Motion Detector & Vibration Sensor
  • Smoke, Fog, Gas, Ethanol & Alcohol Sensor
  • Hall Effect Sensor

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